17h to 22h: Removal of bibs for all races.

Priority will be given to the riders of the EXPERT format in case

Pick-up Location: Town Hall – Place de la Mairie in VACHERESSE



02h30 to 03h30: Removal of bibs format EXPERT- Mairie de Vacheresse

04h: Departure of 84km say “EXPERT” Place de la Mairie – Vacheresse

06h00 to 07h30: Removal of bibs of the format “ENGAGED” and “CONFIRMED” – City of Vacheresse

08h: Departure of 35 and 53 Kms says “ENGAGED” and “CONFIRMED” Place de la Mairie

10h to 13h: Removal of bibs format DISCOVER – BERNEX

10h to 11h: Removal of bibs format NORDIC WALK – BERNEX

11h: Departure Nordic walk

12h30: Arrival of the first ENGAGED format

14h: Departure of 18 Kms said “DISCOVER” at Pré-Richard – BERNEX

2.30 pm: Arrival of the first runner of the CONFIRMED format

15h30: Arrival of the first runner DISCOVER format

16h00: Arrival of the first EXPERT format

18:00: Award ceremony for all races

9 pm: Beginning of the “80’s” party

22h to 02h: Last runners

02h: End of the event